Our History

In July of 1978, Apostle Huie L. Rogers and the Greater Bible Way Temple of Brooklyn, New York began broadcasting a program, “The Sound of Pentecost” on WAVY-TV (Channel 10) in Portsmouth, Virginia. Due to the wide reception and response of the viewers in the local area, and scores of individuals who had given their lives to Christ, the need for discipleship of these new converts was apparent.In October of 1978, Apostle Huie L. Rogers began conducting Bible classes and a prayer ministry for those who had committed their lives to Christ under his ministry. By March 1979, the membership of the organized home Bible study group requested that Apostle Huie L. Rogers organize a local church. On March 21, 1979, Apostle Rogers received confirmation from God that there should be a local church established. On April 1, 1979, the Tidewater Bibleway Temple was founded. Through television broadcasting and regional crusades, one hundred seventy-four (174) persons were baptized and the local church ministry was well on its way.

In July of 1979, the church hosted the 21st Annual Holy Convocation of the Bible Way Church World-Wide, Inc. During that convention, then Minister Michael J. Rogers was ordained as an Elder in the church. Little did he know that the place of his ordination would become the place of destiny for his ministry. With Apostle Huie L. Rogers’ ever-increasing ministry schedule and responsibilities, the burden of effectively pastoring in both New York and Virginia became difficult.

After much prayer and deliberation, then Elder Michael J. Rogers was appointed and installed as Pastor of the Tidewater Bibleway Temple on October 20, 1984. It has been through his pastorate that the church has flourished and grown. Tidewater Bibleway Temple offers more than twenty different ministries to serve the local church and surrounding communities. Through his ministry additional properties have been purchased and hundreds of souls have been added to the church. It is through God-given vision and identified purpose that this ministry is now affectionately known as the Tidewater Bibleway Temple – Kingdom Church.

Apostle Michael J. Rogers projects to believers, the best days of this church are still ahead; projecting the building of a new sanctuary, an educational facility, a prayer chapel, and a state-of-the-art television studio – all to the glory of God; that His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.